Eli Wallach Appreciation: How Oscar Finally Got It Right After Nearly 60 Years Of No Nominations

I like the fact that Turner Classic Movies announced today a special 11-hour tribute to the now-late and always-great Eli Wallach, who died last night at age 98. He was such a magnificent actor, particularly onstage, where he won a Tony in The Rose Tattoo or on TV in countless performances including his Emmy-winning turn in 1966’s Poppies Are Also Flowers. His movie roles were memorable too, but he never quite got that truly great moment onscreen that could have ignited his film career and sent it in a different direction. It’s true he was terrific as the evil Calvera in 1960’s The Magnificent Seven (which Denzel Washington is threatening to remake) and 584-G99UK_AuSt_55as the bandit Tuco in the 1966 Sergio Leone classic, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. His 1956 film debut in Baby Doll was a great way to start in cinema for this born stage actor, a disciple of the Actors Studio. There were other turns over the years in the underrated 1958 film The Lineup,  the film adaptation of stage hit The Tiger Makes Out co-starring his wife of 66 years Anne Jackson, How To Steal A Million, The Misfits (opposite Gable, Monroe and Clift in 1961), Cinderella Liberty, The Godfather Part III all the way up to his small but amusing role in 2010’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.


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