Canada’s New Work Permit Law Might Affect U.S. Producers

A new law that changes Canada’s work permit rules might make it more difficult for American producers do business north of the border. “This effectively shuts down the ability for American producers to bring up actors, producers and directors to work on the shows up here,” an American producer shooting in Vancouver tells Deadline. The law was intended to reduce the number of foreign workers employed in the Canadian fast-food and oil-pipeline industries, but it could create a problem for the film and television industry.

The new law, which took effect Friday, requires employers to give 15 days’ notice before applying for permits to hire foreign workers. For American TV producers working under tight shooting schedules in Canada, this added lead time could make it much more difficult to bring in people from the States. Says the U.S. producer, “With less than eight days’ lead time and not a deep pool of Canadian actors and directors, not being able to hire American actors and directors will doom the large Canadian production industry.” (more…)

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