Introducing The Deadline Redesign

Along with my co-editor in chief Nellie Andreeva, I am pleased to introduce a Deadline redesign that was long overdue and rolls out this morning in a beta version. In the short term, readers will be able to click on either the traditional format, or the new one. I hope you will try the latter. (The link is atop the page.) The new site¬†improves our ability to be more flexible with charts and graphics, and visually it will provide a cleaner and sharper look, particularly if you head to destination pages like Film, TV, etc. Those pages will now be curated and more pleasing to read, and there will be real-time updates on them so you can see breaking news that deserves your immediate attention. Some might feel the redesign looks a lot like the old one. That was deliberate. A primary goal is to preserve the simplicity of the existing layout: a flowing river of good stories in the center of the site. It has always been easy to come to Deadline several times each day, and pick right up where you left off. One big improvement, in my mind, is a series of prominent destination boxes atop the site we hope will keep important, enterprising stories from drowning in that river as the tide of new stories inevitably drives them downstream. The PMC team has worked months to get us here, and we feel we’ve¬†worked most of the kinks out of the new system. But please bear with us as we refine the process, and we invite you to tell us what you think at

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