Amazon Shares Rise After It Introduces Feature-Packed 3D Fire Phone

Here are two important questions consumers will have to address as they judge Amazon‘s just-unveiled Fire Phone — a high end smartphone that most notably offers no-glasses-needed 3D images (with a process called Dynamic Perspective) and sensors so users can control the screen with head and eye gestures. Will the battery be powerful enough to handle all of its features? And will the impressive array of photo taking , media consuming, and shopping features  justify the price: $199 (32 GB storage) or $299 (64 GB) with a two-year contract with AT&T?  (Early buyers can get 12 months of access to Amazon Prime.) Investors apparently believe the package is a winner: Amazon shares are up 2.8% — with the increase coming after CEO Jeff Bezos began to describe his new product. (more…)

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