RealD Drops 3D Patent Infringement Suit Against Volfoni, But Companies Differ On What It Means

The country’s leading 3D provider charged in a U.S. District Court in California that Volfoni’s SmartCrystal Diamond 3D process for theaters violates RealD‘s U.S. patents. But the Paris-based 3D technology company seemed to take a victory lap in its release today about RealD’s decision to drop its suit. Volfoni said it denies that there’s a problem with U.S. patents and “asserts that RealD has no corresponding international patents for the U.S. patents at issue in the lawsuit.” So was it a victory for Volfoni? Not so fast, RealD says. It decided to drop the suit “only after Volfoni made specific representations and warranties that it had not sold or distributed, and is not selling or distributing, the Smart Diamond Crystal product in the United States.” If that changes, then “RealD has reserved the right to continue the suit against Volfoni in the same court, at the company’s discretion.” And it could take the fight overseas: RealD says its XL Cinema System has patents in Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico and Russia “and intends to vigorously enforce its international intellectual property rights for all RealD products in order to stop copying and unlicensed use of its inventions by others.”

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