UPDATE: Mayors de Blasio And Garcetti Settle Stanley Cup Bet On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Video)

UPDATE: “We didn’t win lawn bowling, we won at hockey,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel tonight after Kimmel congratulated Garcetti for swearing on national TV earlier in the day, during a Staples Center celebration of the KingsStanley Cup victory. “Kids out there, do not say what your mayor said today,” Garcetti added, diplomatically.  Garcetti came to Kimmel’s studio to witness New York Mayor Bill de Blasio make good on a bet the two politicians had made, in which de Blasio agreed to sing the tune I Love  L.A. if the Kings won the Stanley Cup. Which they did. So he did.

“I always wanted to meet you, but not like this man!” de Blasio, via satellite, groused, before breaking into song, wearing an I Heart L.A. T-shirt and backed-up/drowned out by the cute kids of New York City’s 52nd Street Project chorus because, he’d warned in advance, “I don’t have that great a singing voice.”

When it was over, Kimmel complained de Blasio looked like a “counselor at the worst camp ever.”

“This is a hostage situation,” de Blasio shot back. Watch:

PREVIOUS: Hours before New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is scheduled to make good on his bet with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti over the 2014 Stanley Cup Final tonight on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Garcetti addressed a crowd at Staples Center in celebration of  the L.A. Kings’ victory. “There are two rules in politics,” Garcetti said. “They say, never ever be pictured with a drink in your hand, and never swear.” Holding up an adult beverage, he added, “But this is a big f—ing day.” The arena crowd roared in delight. The press broke out in an orgy of “F-bomb” headlines, and many pretended it was the spontaneous eruption of a guy who simply could not contain himself. Fox Sports West apologized on air for having telecast the mayor’s naughty language — as it did two years ago when a north-of-tipsy Jonathan Quick used the same expletives multiple times during the Kings victory celebration at Staples — and a good time was had by all.

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Before the Stanley Cup Final began, de Blasio announced he’d made a bet with Garcetti: If the New York Rangers won, Garcetti would perform a rendition of “New York, New York” the Fred Ebb-John Kander tune most closely associated with Frank Sinatra, on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show. If the Los Angeles Kings won, de Blasio would perform Randy Newman’s “I Love LA.” He will be joined tonight by New York City’s 52nd Street Project chorus —  a group of students ages of 9 to 18 — while Garcetti will be with Kimmel at his Hollywood studio.  Watch Garcetti’s Staples Center speech here:

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