FCC To Investigate Internet Peering Disputes

This sounds like encouraging news for Netflix and others who say that net neutrality policy should cover deals involving connections to Internet providers such as Comcast and Verizon — not just their last-mile transmissions to consumers’ homes. FCC chairman Tom Wheeler says today that he has directed staff to “obtain the information we need to understand precisely what is happening in order to understand whether consumers are being harmed.” The agency has already received copies of Netflix’s deals with Comcast and Verizon and is looking for others. “To be clear, what we are doing right now is collecting information, not regulating. We are looking under the hood. Consumers want transparency. They want answers. And so do I.”

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Netflix has said that the large ISPs have effectively held it hostage by charging high fees for the bandwidth needed to transmit video without a lot of delays and buffering. Internet providers say that Netflix wants to hog their bandwidth without paying. (more…)

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