LA Mayor Joins Musicians Union In Anti-Runaway Production Campaign

CAST 16th From Slavery To Freedom GalaLos Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has joined the American Federation of Musicians’ Listen Up! campaign to keep film companies from sending their film scoring jobs overseas. “I’m fighting for good paying middle-class jobs across California,” Garcetti said in a statement released by the musicians union, “and our work to pass legislation, which will boost production and music scoring, must be with that goal in mind.” The musicians union wants producers AFM_logowho receive tax incentives in the U.S. to be required to score their films in the U.S. Garcetti has taken a leading role in advocating for the passage of AB 1839, the bill that would expand the state’s film incentive program and increase incentives for film soundtrack recording in California. The mayor, who was recently made an honorary member of L.A.’ Musicians Local 47, said during his induction ceremony that “when companies go outside the United States and make $150 million, $450 million, a half a billion off a film but can’t pay some union musicians here in Los Angeles, that’s wrong.” On his first visit as mayor to Sacramento last week, Garcetti lobbied for passage of AB 1839.

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