Macmillan Entertainment Plans ‘Acts Of Violence’, Drama Inspired By Kitty Genovese Murder Where Apathetic Neighbors Ignored Her Screams

actsEXCLUSIVE: Macmillan Entertainment is teaming with screenwriter/actor/producer Adam Storke to turn his screen adaptation of the Macmillan UK novel Acts Of Violence by Ryan David Jahn into a feature film. The book is inspired by the shameful murder of Kitty Genovese, who suffered a brutal attack during an evening in 1964 in the courtyard of her own apartment building. As she screamed for help, her neighbors displayed notorious apathy. Though it was reported that 38 neighbors heard her screams, no one came to her aid, or even bothered to call the police through the prolonged attack. This tells the story from six different perspectives, during the three hours that the attack lasted, and how such cowardice and indifference can keep people from doing the right thing. (more…)

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