First Day 'Dark Knight' DVD Sales Break Record: Certain To Smash ALL Records

I just heard that Warner Bros’ Batman Blu-ray discs alone sold 600,000 copies on Tuesday, the first day of release. By contrast, Marvel/Paramount’s Iron Man sold 250,000 Blu-ray discs when it premiered on September 30th and ended up selling 400,000 Blu-ray units in its first week. But wait til you see what The Dark Knight sold in both formats, standard def and hi-def: 3 million copies bought by customers in the U.S., Canada and the UK on its first day in stores. That’s 3x the norm. This isn’t a superhero, it’s a cash cow! The Dark Knight was not only 2008’s best DVD sales day, but is also likely to be 2008’s bestseller of the year by next week with a projected number of 7 million units. This is beyond huge! Christopher Nolan’s pic is truly the gift that keeps on giving after already making $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Warner Bros should use this phenomenal performance to help push The Dark Knight and everyone associated with it for Oscar nominations as a box office phenomenon and critical darling.  The studio said sales surged at grocery stores, indicating that the format is broadening beyond early adopters to more mainstream buyers, notably women. What makes this all the more remarkable is that I’ve been told Hollywood’s overall DVD sales were 30% down for the month of November. The Industry is admitting they’re also off 6% for the year so far and will likely end up 8% to 10% behnd 2007. And Blu-ray has been pretty much written off as a new type of laserdisc just for film aficionados despite the Industry’s deep discounting of players and wide inventories of blockbusters.

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