NBC Universal Plans Hundreds Of Layoffs; Forcing Execs To Fly Coach To Super Bowl

UPDATE: I hear the layoff announcements could come as soon as Thursday…

Another hour, another source telling me about layoffs and cutbacks. I’ve already told you about Viacom‘s and CBS Inc’s. And at Disney/ABC, don’t dare include alcohol in your expense account meal. Now hundreds of layoffs are planned at NBC Universal. In the meantime, NBC has issued new draconian network and studio budget parameters, a second wave of cost-cutting following up on Jeff Zucker’s promise a month ago to tighten belts across the board. Staff inside the company are outraged at these new measures, after already being told two weeks ago to cut their travel and entertainment spending as much as possible. “Staff under Zucker and Silverman feel like a hatchet was used when a scalpel was needed,” one source tells me. As of today:

— No staff is allowed to have personal printers. Printers in individual offices are being removed to save on toner and paper. All printing will be done from a central location for each department.

— Each week Jeff Zucker in conjunction with Human Resources will be reviewing overtime charged by assistants, permanent and temporary.

— Everyone including department and division heads must drop a class when traveling. No exceptions. For the Super Bowl in Tampa, all executives attending are to travel coach.

— Six-month freeze on office supply spending.

— Federal Express: No “priority” service or Saturday delivery permitted.

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