CBS Develops Sitcom Based On 'The Girls' – Yet Another Of Ashton's Twitter Concepts

Yet another Twitter feed is taking the sitcom route via CBS. The network is developing a comedy series based on Charlie McDowell’s feed and Web site Dear Girls Above Me, about a single man who gains insight into the female mind by eavesdropping on his upstairs neighbors. The Girls feed, which has more than 34,000 followers, consists of imaginary 140-character letters McDowell writes to the party girls who live in the apartment above him in reaction to conversations he overhears. Some recent examples:

Dear GAM, Your “friend” from last night was fun, but did he need to grunt, “You like that,” over and over? It seemed pretty clear you did.

Dear Girls Above Me, “Did you hear that all these kids were rescued in Chile after being trapped in some mountain?” Miners, not minors.

Dear GAM,”I found out he’s taking me to a 3D movie! If the glasses aren’t cute I will literally die.” Just focus on not making out with air.


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