Weinstein Co's Expected Layoffs Reality: But Will Harv & Bob Ever Admit Blame?

Sorry I’m late getting this up because today has been nonstop. But I’d been hearing from tipsters for weeks that firings were on the horizon at the Weinstein brothers’ company. But they finally came down today. (The New York Post says NYC employees were called into a meeting shortly after 2 PM ET to receive the bad news from Human Resources.) The big surprise to me is that The Weinstein Co bloodletting was only 11% of its workforce. But that’s because so many other staff and execs have been quietly let go and not replaced over previous weeks dating back to the beginning of the summer. Today’s firings appear to affect 24 out of 224 across all the offices (NYC, LA, UK, HK). As emails to me demonstrate, some of the staff had heard there were layoffs imminent but others were caught completely by surprise. Because it’s tragic when anyone loses a job, I would sure like to see Harvey and/or Bob start taking responsibility for their company’s abject failure by at least admitting it instead of fighting the media tooth-and-nail to protect what little is left of their once enviable success. This is especially galling because of all the pain they’re causing other people, whether firing staff, or convincing people to leave secure jobs and work for TWC without giving them all the facts about how much trouble the company is really in, or forcing filmmakers to pay for reshoots out of their own wallets. Geez, I could go on and on… But then I realize that all those millions of dollars the brothers are wasting on pitbull lawyers to prevent the media from telling the truth are just everyday business expenses to the Weinsteins. Disgusting.

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