Greenaway Producer Signs 4 Film Deal

Antonia Bird (Priest, Face) is directing one of the features Kees Kasander — Peter Greenaway’s regular producer — is making with London-based Film & Music Entertainment and post-production house Molinare. The 4-film slate will cost $17.5 million to produce. One of the films, The Domino Effect, is already in the can and editing in the Netherlands. “This isn’t one of those fantasy slates that you read about,” F&ME co-principal Mike Downey tells me. “All 4 films are pretty much financed. We’re just bringing the last slice in.” Bird will helm Cross My Mind in early 2011. UK Film Council, Screen Yorkshire and the Netherlands Film Fund are backing this erotic thriller, which plays out between a married, older woman and a young wounded, blinded soldier – but the woman is not who he thinks she is… Arthouse favourite Greenaway will shoot Goltzius and The Pelican Company, about a 16th century Dutch engraver engraving Old Testament erotic stories for a local nobleman. This $3 million project is being structured as a Netherlands/UK/French/South Africa co-production and will shoot in Cape Town in early summer 2011. And To Be King, a $7 million adaptation of the bestselling Dutch children’s book likely to be directed by screenwriter Sander Burger, should go into production late next year. “The European market is such that we need to create a series of reciprocal production arrangements, which benefit all parties,” said Kasander. “And by hooking up with F&ME on a long term basis, we are creating another block in our series of international relationships that can provide as much security that is ever possible in this kind of business.”

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