GLAAD Won't Let Universal Off The Hook

Timed to National Coming Out Day, GLAAD is calling on Universal Pictures to remove that “gay” insult scene from the Ron Howard-Vince Vaughn movie The Dilemma. The studio already redid its trailer  because of pressure from the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender community as well as from CNN host Anderson Cooper. But GLAAD is now complaining that Universal will “neither confirm or deny that the joke will be in the final film, in spite of the rise in attention to anti-gay violence and teen suicides that have occurred as a result of anti-gay bullying.” So GLAAD has just released a Call to Action via an online petition urging Universal to pull the joke from the film. “When ‘gay’ is used as a pejorative in such a public way for millions to see and laugh with, it legitimizes and propels the many taunts that gay people endure,” said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios. “Amidst a rash of bullying related suicides and anti-gay hate crimes, we need to tell Universal and America that our community is tired of being used as a punch line.”

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