Cinemark Sued By Colorado Theater Shooting Victims

Three of the audience members at a July 20 midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises today sued the theater owner. A pair of lawsuits (read them here) claim that Cinemark failed to provide adequate security at its Century 16 location in Aurora, Colorado for the opening night of The Dark Knight Rises. “The gunman made one or more trips from his car through the open exterior door of Auditorium 9, bringing his arsenal and ammunition through that open door. Throughout that time, no employee or security personnel contacted him, deterred him, monitored him or stopped him from that re-entry,” the suit filed by Denise Traynom and Brandon Axelrod says. Joshua Nowlan, who along with Axelrod received gunshot wounds, also filed a similar suit today. The shooting by James Eagen Holmes killed 12 people and left 58 wounded. “There was no alarm activated during the many minutes while the gunman was stockpiling his arsenal, and inside the theater shooting people,” one of the lawsuits states. “There was no action taken by theater employees to safely evacuate the many people left in Auditorium 9,” it further claims. Asking for a jury trial, the suits say that in each case the damages exceed $75,000. Plaintiffs are represented by Deirdre Ostrowski, Michael Keating, William Keating and Christian Habas of Denver firm Keating Wagner Polidori Free.

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