Fox Buys LIVE Family Sitcom From Cathy Yuspa And Josh Goldsmith With Penalty

EXCLUSIVE: In a throwback to the early days of television when sitcoms were broadcast live, Fox has teamed with comedy writer-producers Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith for Live From Our Living Room, a re-imagining of the domestic family multi-cam sitcom shot and aired live every week. The network has given a script commitment plus penalty to the project, from 20th Century Fox TV where Yuspa and Goldsmith are under an overall deal. This is the second sale for the duo in their first development season at 20th TV; they have a pilot production commitment at NBC for The Gates, a single-camera comedy based on a British format and executive produced by Aaron Kaplan. Live From Our Living Room reunites Yuspa and Goldsmith with Fox where they created ‘Til Death.

Once a staple, live comedy is extremely rare on TV these days, with NBC’s late-night sketch comedy Saturday Night Live left alone to carry the tradition. A handful of comedy series have tried going live for stunt episodes, most notably The Drew Carey Show and 30 Rock. I hear Yuspa and Goldsmith’s background and love for theater and a desire to utilize the talents of performers who come out of improv comedy contributed to their decision to try something different with Live. They are with ICM Partners Ken Richman.

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