Oops: Fox’s Error Voids Hundreds Of Residuals Checks

A payroll glitch in 20th Century Fox’s residuals department inadvertently voided residuals checks worth about $93,000 that were sent out to about 200 actors, writers and directors. Fox is fixing the problem and will start issuing new checks next week. The problem began when the payroll department failed to take out federal withholding taxes on residuals checks issued in January and February. They tried to correct the mistake in early May, but a miscalculation led to another problem: the over-withholding of federal taxes. That resulted in roughly 200 residuals checks being sent out but marked “void,” obviously meaning they couldn’t be cashed. The problem mostly affected actors, but some writers and directors got also got voided checks. Fox will be issuing refunds to everyone who was over-withheld by more than $10. “We regret the administrative error and any inconvenience it has caused,” a Fox spokesman said. “We are doing our utmost to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

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