BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: YA-Driven ‘Fault In Our Stars,’ Tom Cruise’s ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ Second Weekend Of Disney’s ‘Maleficent’ In Heated Competition

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Box Office Preview

The YA adaptation about a teenage cancer patient who finds love is off to a sizzling start, while the Tom Cruise sci-fi actioner needs to make up ground. Weekend 2 of 'Maleficent' is a wild card. Deadline's Anita Busch reports.

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Weekend Box Office Preview

Tom Cruise's sci-fi movie 'Edge Of Tomorrow' is the latest summer tentpole to hit theaters, but will Fox's teen love story 'The Fault In Our Stars' steal its opening-weekend thunder?

This is one of those rare weekends, where two movies are opening and another is likely to play strong in its second frame so which might come out on top is a question mark. First off, Fox 2000’s highly-anticipated film based on the best-selling John Green book The Fault in Our Stars opens tonight at 9 p.m. plus it has a a live event going on tonight. That super fan event called “The Night Before Our Stars,” features a live simulcast with the film’s cast and author Green for a Q&A; that’s $25 bucks a pop in 650 theaters. Gotta give kudos to the marketing and distribution team at 20th Century Fox who have really been smart about handling this film. Social media for the picture has just blown up on it as well between the YA crowd but the buzz even has adults wanting to see the film. Having seen it, I gotta say Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort did a heck of a job, but once again, it’s a movie about cancer and for those of us who have experienced cancer in our families — and that is a wide swath of movie goers — it’s hard to watch. Is Fault In Our Stars this generation’s Love Story? It bows at 3,171 locales this weekend.

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Edge of Tomorrow Tom CruiseTonight’s late nights combined with the live-event sales could push its gross to a high level going into the weekend. But, at the end of the day, it is a movie about kids dying from cancer … so that YA fever pitch and the live event is expected to front-load the late night grosses of the film. The question is how it will do on Saturday as it it likely to take a larger hit. Tracking on this film has it anywhere between a low-$30M and the high-end of $40M. So this pic could be No. 1 and beat Maleficent in its second weekend and also the Tom Cruise-starring Edge of Tomorrow, which opened overseas first last weekend in anticipation of its stateside bow.

Edge of Tomorrow, by all accounts, is looking right now to come in No. 3 this weekend in the mid- (more…)

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