Hot Clip: ‘X-Men:Days of Future Past’ Composer & Editor John Ottman Talks

EXCLUSIVE: John Ottman is arguably one of the hardest working guys in post-production, continually performing double-duty as both the editor and film composer throughout Bryan Singer‘s canon.  In this clip he talks about his process on X-Men: Days of Future Past: balancing the two post-prod crafts, working a touch of ’70s analog synths into the score as well as drawing inspiration from Dr. Charles Xavier (played by James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart in the film).  Ottman first met Singer when he was a PA on a student film. This led to Ottman co-directing, editing and handling the sound design for Singer’s 1998 short Lion’s Den starring Ethan Hawke. However, it was on Public Access, Singer’s first feature, that the director asked Ottman to score. Their partnership has spawned eight films directed by Singer including Public Access, The Usual Suspects, Apt Pupil, X2, Superman Returns, Valkyrie, Jack the Giant Killer and the current X-Men sequel.

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