FINAL BOX OFFICE: Disney’s ‘Maleficent’ Casts $69.4M Spell; ‘A Million Ways To Die In the West’ Flatlines At $16.7M; ‘X-Men’ Falls 64% In Second Week

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Box Office Winners And Losers

Deadline Film Editor Anita Busch offers her post-mortem for the weekend, which saw Angelina Jolie's 'Maleficent' score big (especially overseas), while Seth MacFarlane's 'A Million Ways To Die In The West' went south fast.

OPENING: Maleficent (DIS) conjures up $69.4M ; A Million Ways To Die In The West (UNI) done for at $16.7M.

box_office_weekend_3202008-12-22-12299667655th UPDATE, MONDAY, 1:40 PM: Disney’s announced $70M for numbers on Maleficent even though no one else could conceive of it making that number, but the studio sure got its $70M headline around the world, didn’t it? We didn’t bite and kept it in the $68M+ to $69M+ range. Perception is reality, but the reality is it made $69.4M and now (surprise) the international numbers for Frozen just happened to come in higher in Japan. A bit of a balancing act to squeeze out their $2 billion worldwide box office boast. Would one day have mattered? Meanwhile, Seth MacFarlane’s R-rated roustabout A Million Ways To Die In The West will end up with less than $17M. MaleficentWhen the dust cleared this morning, the raunchy comedy kicked in only $16.7M for Universal which saddled up for this disaster in anticipation of MacFarlane’s Ted sequel. Fox’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past fell, as reported, 64% in its second weekend and Warner Bros’ Blended and Uni’s Neighbors (in its fourth weekend) were neck in neck all weekend and ended up only $64,000 apart. Blended took the No. 5 spot.

Next Weekend Openers: The Tom Cruise sci-fi actioner Edge Of Tomorrow from Warner Bros. The screenwriter on the pic, which also stars Emily Blunt, is Christopher McQuarrie, who has worked with Cruise before on Jack Reacher and Valkyrie. The film already bowed overseas to a soft $20M in 28 markets. From 20th Century Fox (I can’t help but think this should have been a Fox Searchlight release) will be the highly anticipated adaptation of the YA John Green novel The Fault In Our Stars with Divergent‘s Shailene Woodley and Ansel Egort starring. It will open day and date in about 20 markets. Chef, which has been getting tremendous word-of-mouth, expands next weekend to around 1,200 theaters. Here’s the final weekend chart: (more…)

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