Paramount Pushes ‘Friday The 13th’ Back 8 Months, Gives Slot To ‘Scouts Vs. Zombies’

Back in November, the studio said its latest take on the Friday The 13th franchise would be unsheathed on March 13, 2015. Check that. Paramount announced today that it has pushed the horror pic back to November 13 — the next Friday the 13th on the 2015 calendar — and instead will begin its Scouts Vs. Zombies jamboree on March 13. Director Christopher Landon’s horror mashup will face off against Disney’s live-action Cinderella and Warner Bros high-seas drama Heart Of The Sea. The date change leaves Friday the 13th‘s Jason to battle the Untitled New Line Comedy, the only other pic currently slated for that weekend. Apologies to any triskaidekaphobics who were disturbed by the repeated use of the number 13 in this post. Send your complaints to Paramount.

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