Hot Trailer: Roger Ebert Docu ‘Life Itself’

His career is pretty much summed up in this trailer’s first words: “Roger Ebert was the definitive mainstream film critic in American cinema.” Life Itself is the new documentary about the Pulitzer winner’s career as a lover, defender and eviscerator of movies. The pic follows his career from scripting Russ Meyer’s Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls and writing for the Chicago Sun-Times through his perfectly mismatched pairing with Gene Siskel and the illness he braved until the end. Oscar-nominated Hoop Dreams documentarian Steve James gets some boldfaced names to talk about Ebert, including Martin Scorsese, who gives the critic two thumbs up: “He made it possible for a bigger audience, a wider audience, to appreciate cinema as an art form.” Magnolia Pictures, which acquired the film after its Sundance premiere, will open it day-and-date on the Fourth of July in theaters and on VOD and iTunes. It later will air on CNN. The curtain’s up, so check out the coming attraction:

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