Facebook Launching App To Share Video And Music Info

Facebook said today it will launch a feature on its phone apps similar to programs like Shazam that recognize movies, TV shows and music based on their audio “fingerprint.” When the new feature is activated while a user is writing a status update, the phone’s microphone listens to the song or what’s playing on the TV and tries to determine what it is. Once the show or song is recognized, Facebook users can share that information with other users in the post. Music posts will include a 30-second snippet of the song. TV show posts will include information about the specific season and episode so that, Facebook says in its announcement, conversations between friends can avoid causing spoilers for those who haven’t caught up. The feature will be part of Facebook’s apps for iOS- and Android-based phones and will be rolled out across the company’s 1.2 billion users during the next several weeks.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2014/05/facebook-app-video-audio-recognition-734282/