Prodigy PR Launches Social Media & Web Marketing Unit

Ashley Fontaine will run the new division as EVP Head of Digital at Prodigy Public Relations. Leading the company’s social media and Internet marketing unit, she will focus on digital strategy and social media campaigns for its clients. Fontaine, whose experience dates to the early-adopter days of social media under the mentorship of Ashton Kutcher, has implemented campaigns for such stars as Kutcher, Ben Stiller, Justin Timberlake and Eva Longoria and worked with Prodigy on the campaign for last year’s indie thriller The Saratov Approach. “Each release campaign we worked on with Ashley over the last year exceeded our clients’ expectations and delivered outstanding results,” Prodigy PR President Erik Bright said, “so when it came time to add a digital division, she was the obvious choice to lead this effort for us.”

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