BOX OFFICE UPDATE: ‘Godzilla’ Stomps Into Theaters Tonight With $9.3M; Int’l Numbers Arrive

4TH UPDATE, FRIDAY, 7:15 AM: Godzilla is a monster with late-night grosses tallying a sizeable $9.3M on more than 3,400 screens, coming in much bigger than expected. Of that number, $2.1M came from IMAX screens. In comparison, Captain America: The Winter Soldier had a late-night tally of $10.2M and went on to gross $95M in its opening weekend. Godzilla won’t get near that after the three-day weekend, but I expect its opening to go well over $70M — even to $80M — with a strong night tonight. Stay tuned as it rolls out today. Its midnights on the West Coast were said to be the big get.

3rd UPDATE, THURSDAY 9:44 PM: I know it’s early still, but we’re hearing that Godzilla may be exceeding expectations tonight in late-night bows and will end up north of $6M in the AM … perhaps more like $8M-$10M. Excellent news for Warner Bros. (which has one of the best distribution teams in town) and for Legendary Pictures and their principals Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni as well as Mary Parent and Brian Rogers. Kudos, too, to director Gareth Edwards. The teaser marketing campaign took a page right out of the Steven Spielberg book of letting the actors’ reaction shots tell the tail … er, I mean tale. The Fiat promo spot is pretty funny as well with the disclaimer that says something along the lines of “didn’t actually happen” as the monster coughs up the car.

Checking in on social media, Godzilla stands at No. 3 across the social media universe in May with combined YouTube, Facebook and Twitter activity behind The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men, according to RelishMix, which tracks social engagement of the Big Three. “Star Bryan Cranston’s 1.6M FB and 1.3M Twitter followers, while not monstrous, is promoting the film heavily as is Elisabeth Olsen,” says CEO Marc Karzen, who added that fans are posting Godzilla YouTube trailers as well as reviews and spoof clips at a earned:owned ratio of 9 to 1 with a lighter footprint of international clips. In other words, the fanboys have arrived.

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