Longtime Dubya Reporter Reviews 'W.' As “Remarkably Accurate Portrait”

Few journalists have covered George W Bush for as long or as in depth as The Dallas Morning News‘ senior political writer Wayne Slater who was at the epicenter of Dubya’s two campaigns for Texas governor, his tenure in Austin, and both his runs for the U.S. presidency. He also is the co-author of two books on Bush’s political guru Karl Rove. So I was curious to see his review of Oliver Stone’s W. here. “By taking real moments and reconfiguring them in artificial ways, Mr. Stone has created something Texans who saw Mr. Bush close-up will recognize as a remarkably accurate portrait,” Slater writes. “Too often, biopics take real people and turn them into caricatures. In W., Mr. Stone has taken the caricature and, quite unexpectedly, produced the real person.”

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2008/10/longtime-dubya-journalist-says-w-is-remarkably-accurate-portrait-7305/