StudioCanal Teams With ‘The Killing’ & ‘Borgen’ Creators In SAM Production Co

StudioCanal and its parent Canal Plus Group are partnering with key Scandinavian talent to produce TV series for the international market. Together, they have created SAM Productions which is named after its three principals: Søren Sveistrup, Adam Price, and Meta Louise Foldager. Each of the three comes with significant credits. Sveistrup is creator and writer of the original Danish series The Killing and exec producer of the U.S. version. He will create and write his own series and executive produce other projects. Price created Denmark’s Borgen and is also the host of a TV cooking show and author of several cookbooks. He will be a partner in the same capacity as Sveistrup. Foldager, whose feature producing credits include A Royal Affair and Melancholia, will be CEO of Copenhagen-based SAM and a producer and exec producer on upcoming projects. She will also still run her own production shingle Meta Film.

The plan is for SAM to work with strong Scandinavian creative talents across television and film. Canal Plus will also work with SAM to develop premium content for its pay channels. Studiocanal will act as iinternational distributor for the output. On announcing the deal, Price said, “The modern TV series is going through a golden period and it is great to find that also Nordic TV series – not least Danish TV-series – enjoy great success in many countries outside Scandinavia. The Killing and Borgen have both been a part of this development – and to us, it seems to be a natural next step to create this new screenwriter–based company, founded on the ambition of creating new stories to a large audience both in Denmark and abroad. The Nordic stories in many different genres have been noticed around the world. We need to retain and invest in this position; with SAM we want to collaborate with some of the strongest talent in the Nordic countries. We want to create the best conditions and a unique creative environment, so that we keep getting better at telling relevant and powerful stories.”

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