CBS Pre-Upfront Breakfast: Les Moonves & Co. Talk About ‘HIMYD’ Non-Order, Monday Comedy Block Downsize & Future Of ‘CSI’

CBS is the only broadcaster that still invites the press to breakfast in order to reveal/pitch its primetime plans for next season. It has become an Upfront Week tradition. CBS also is the network that most closely guards its schedule for maximum drama at the breakfast. Here’s how it went:

9 AM ET: CBS Corp chief Leslie Moonves: “The only thing I’m gonna say — when did all the late-night guys start being the arbiters, the ones being fed the lines.. certainly not going to have Dave come out and put down other networks. I liked it much better when network execs put down other networks,” he said, noting in particular how much he loved nicking Jeff Zucker when Zucker ran NBC. That said, Les give Jimmy Kimmel’s seventh-inning stretch during ABC’s upfront presentation a thumbs up.

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“This really is the best era in the history of television — right now… a great time to be in the television business….We love the fact so many of the Silicon Valley companies are getting into production — not so easy!” Les says.

“We are going to have 90 hours of original programming in the summer. The September to May doesn’t quite work the way it used to.” Moonves says CBS’ summer series Under The Dome was the most-watched new drama of the television season, beating NBC’s The Blacklist. As part of that strategy, CBS is officially retiring the term “midseason,” chairman Nina Tassler says. (more…)

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