Michael Bay Gets Imagine Dragons To Contribute Original ‘Transformers’ Tunes

Maybe hell won’t have to freeze over before you hear the words, ‘and the Oscar goes to Transformers: Age Of Extinction.‘ Paramount and director Michael Bay have gotten the Grammy-winning band Imagine Dragons to contribute original songs to the movie. The band was given footage from the film and wrote the tune Battle Cry, which figures into several sequences of the film, and Imagine Dragons contributed other original music, working with the film’s composer Steve Jablonsky. The band has also been set to perform live at the movie’s World Premiere in Hong Kong on June 19. I noticed during the premiere of Amazing Spider-Man 2 that Sony made a big production out of getting an original song from Alicia Keys. Didn’t make much of a stir, but it seems like tent pole-makers are doing whatever they can to squeeze in the possibility of any Oscar love. It will be interesting to see if these bands will want to do the rubber chicken awards season tour. Earlier this year, Bono and The Edge were everywhere, stumping for the song U2 wrote and performed for Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom, only to lose to the animated film Frozen. If nothing else, Imagine Dragons fans should be happy with strong musical accompaniment as Bay blows shit up.

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