NBC Upfronts Presentation 2014 Live-Blog: ‘Blacklist’ Love, Meyers & Fallon Take Aim

Remember a few years back, when NBC didn’t want to play in the Upfront Week sandbox and did not believe in the TV season? That was before it unexpectedly found itself in first place for a TV season…..

10:59 AM: Network execs, Mad Ave suits and The Reporters Who Cover Television have been baking in the sun for an hour, as they wait to get in to the Javits Center.

11:15 AM: Seth Meyers kicks things off, noting NBC’s upfront taking place “at the Javits Center in the heart of New York’s historical Stabbing District. What it lacks in charm it more than makes up for in size. They say it’s so big it can fit every person who watched an episode of Ironside….”

“The Upfront: NBC’s longest-running show. ”

“Congratulations are in order to Bob Greenblatt for the Sound Of Music… [from] hot new writers Rogers and Hammerstein. Those kids have a career in front of them. ”

“NBC’s biggest hit of last year, The Blacklist is returning for a second season. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s about the people Donald Sterling doesn’t want coming to the Clippers game.”

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“It’s much better to have a show be a smash that be called Smash.”

“Ukraine will appear on the next season of The Biggest Loser.”

“Some of you came with a taxi today, some took the subway. I rode in on Jimmy Fallon ‘s coattails.”

“I am honored to be hosting the Emmys in August. The Emmys will be held on a Monday this year for the first itme since 1976,” he said, saying he was looking forward to the inevitable news release from NBC the next day boasting “The Emmys scores its highest Monday rating since 1977.”

11:30 AM: NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt says he won’t make any Javits Center jokes because Meyers covered it. “The good news is… we are no longer at Hilton ballroom.” Some of you there…actually come long way since then… We’re no. 1  — you’re going to hear it a lot more… (more…)

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