Box Office: ‘Neighbors’ Grosses $2.5M In Late Nights And Strong Matinees; Frat-Pack Kegger Looks Like It’s Gonna Crash Spidey’s Party

UPDATE, 1 PM: Based on matinees, Neighbors looks like it’s gonna whoop The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — with estimates right now $40M+ range for Universal’s frat comedy … it’s playing incredibly strong and it could even get up to $45M, according to some distribs … if so, can’t see Spidey holding onto the No. 1 spot. Looks like Spidey will perform in the high $30M’s. Like I said before, it will depend on Friday’s numbers. And there you go … Fox’s The Other Woman is playing well for a third spot … at the moment. Very early estimates. Very. One thing of note, is a survey that Fandango conducted of the Neighbors ticket buyers … 93% of them would like to see more adult comedies this summer. Stay tuned as the ticker-tape that has become box office reporting continues.

PREVIOUSLY, 8:20 AM: Universal’s comedy Neighbors had a nice Jell-O shot of $2.5M in late nights last night, starting at 8 PM. With that total on 2,225 screens (it will be released on 3,279 screens today), Neighbors‘ per-screen average is $1,123. In comparison, Jackass: Bad Grandpa opened at 9 PM in October to a $1.4M early take and ended up opening at $32M, while The Heat opened at 10PM at the end of June to $1M and went onto gross $39.1M. Ted, based only on midnights, grossed $2.6M in and went onto nab $54.4M.

Looking at the comps above, the late-night number for Neighbors is not truly indicative; what will be is watching the Friday night numbers. and the film needs a big number to pass The Amazing Spider-Man 2 tonight …  which will be interesting since the midweek numbers for Spidey have not been that impressive. Neighbors will likely hold steady on Saturday and then Spidey will likely have a better hold on Sunday … so it will all come down to this Friday night number. Can the frat boys beat the superhero? Yes, it could happen. Stay tuned. (more…)

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