‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Opens With Late Night $8.7M On Track to $85M to $90M Opening

Jumping in with both feet, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made a splash but not the tidal wave that was hoped for in late nights Thursday, with an estimated $8.7M to start the weekend off for Sony. The thinking from industry trackers was that the late night gross would be much more, but it could still pull in a solid $85M to $90M on opening as this movie traditionally plays well across the board demo-wise. The studio will be waiting and watching for the Saturday attendance bump that families typically bring. The 353 IMAX screens played well, pulling in $1.4M or about 16% of the $8.7M estimate. If it does 10% more today, the gross could get to $90M+.
On 4,324 screens, the film is still on track to a higher opening than the first installment for the three-day weekend. That one opened to $62M in 2012 on 4,318 runs and then ended up with a domestic cume of $262M+. The big difference was that the first opened on a Tuesday ahead of a July 4th holiday on Wednesday. The first Amazing Spider-Man (as well as Spider-Man 3) had a $7.5M opening night; that was based only on midnight screenings. This one started at 7 p.m. More screenings.
In late-night comparisons, Thor: The Dark World had a $7.1M Thursday opening (starting at 8 p.m.) and ended up with an $85.7M 3-day weekend. It was driven in large part by young males, the same demo that fed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which debuted in late nights during Spring Break this year (on April 4th) to $10.2M in fewer theaters — 3,938 runs — and went onto gross $95M in its opening weekend. The late-night difference? ASM2‘s $2,012 vs. $2,590 per screen average. The Cap also had a drop of 6% from Friday to Saturday night during its opening weekend. Sony is hoping those family audiences will give Spidey a boost on Saturday, key for this picture.

While it didn’t top the Cap in its late nights, ASM2 has topped The Winter Solider overseas in many markets internationally. In the UK/Ireland, for instance, Spidey opened 49% higher than the Cap. When the first installment opened overseas in 2012, it as well as other pics in the marketplace had to contend with the opening of The Dark Knight Rises which dominated all territories and sucked roughly 65% of air out of the marketplace only two weeks after ASM opened. The studio, knowing that it would have to deal with the next X-Men installment this time around, wisely opened earlier internationally. It is very probable that at the end of its full run, ASM2 will do comparable or more than the first. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, it comes as no surprise that The Amazing Spiderman 2 is dominating the movie social media universe by far for 2014, with over 120 million YouTube views and climbing. The previous leader was Captain America: The Winter Soldier. According to RelishMix, which tracks social engagement across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, “the studio also wisely chose to allow trailers from the previous installment to live, delivering significant spill-over impressions with the earned-to-owned video ratio exceptionally high at 17 to 1.” RelishMix CEO Marc Karzen, also notes that Jamie Foxx’s official Facebook (with 8.3M followers) is the leading all Spider-Man cast, spiking after the opening in Berlin, while Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are non-social. Their fans, however, are fighting hard on their behalf on FB, with the official AMS page adding over 50K new fans a day to bring its tally last night to over 9.5M likes.

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