Theodore Bikel’s Associated Actors & Artistes of America Handing Its Reins To AFL-CIO But Staying In Business

AAAAThe Associated Actors & Artistes of America, the 95-year-old labor organization through which all of the entertainment industry’s performers unions once were affiliated to the AFL-CIO, will be turning over all of its administrative functions to the AFL-CIO beginning in June. The move puts the Four A’s a step closer to going out of business, though that day might not be coming anytime soon. “Most of the functions of the Four A’s will be turned over to the AFL-CIO’s Department of Professional Employees, which covers white-collar workers,” longtime Four A’s President Theodore Bikel told Deadline. “That transfer will take place pretty soon, but the Four A’s is not going out of business. If there are any jurisdictional disputes between the actors unions, the Four A’s will still be around to help resolve the problem. But eventually, I hope that that too will be taken over by the AFL-CIO.” (more…)

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