More Shake-Ups Inside DC Entertainment

Everyone expected fallout from last month’s announcement: DC Entertainment Relocates Film, Television And Digital Operations To Burbank. Now I’ve confirmed what the Bleeding Cool website reported first and asked me to post: that three major DC Entertainment execs are exiting — Richard Bruning, currently SVP and Creative Director; Cheryl Rubin, SVP of Brand Management; and Steve Rotterdam, SVP of Marketing and Sales. This is obviously a major shakeup at the company Diane Nelson runs for Warner Bros. But with new movement on Batman 3, Superman 2, Green Lantern, and now Wonder Woman (neither Watchmen nor Jonah Hex were on her watch), the exec who led the Harry Potter franchise so successfully is putting her stamp on the DC Comic characters now after years of screwed-up development. This is terrible for departing DC personnel, but great for reanimated and rebooted and maybe even brand spanking new franchises.

According to Bleeding Cool, Bruning was a longtime DC Comics employee who not only designed the current company logo but also the titles on Watchmen and The Dark Knight and others. Rubin controlled worldwide licensing for DC properties and franchises including Batman and Superman across all media. She also is co-chair of the Time Warner Women’s Network, a NYC group that works for the professional development and networking of Time Warner female employees. Rotterdam was a relatively recent hire of 3 years.

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