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Check out the top film stories you missed on Deadline this week:

William Hurt Midnight RiderWilliam Hurt Pulls Out Of ‘Midnight Rider’ Movie
By Anita Busch and Jen Yamato
William Hurt, who was set to play Gregg Allman in the feature film Midnight Rider, has pulled out of the movie. The exit of its star casts even more doubt over whether the Randall Miller-directed biopic will move forward following the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones during filming in February in Georgia.

‘Midnight Rider’ Producer Made Controversial Comments About Local Filming Days Before Sarah Jones Death
By Jen Yamato
The weekend before the February 20 train accident that killed camera assistant Sarah Jones, Midnight Rider producer Jody Savin made controversial public comments at a meeting of local production crew in which she touted her company’s methods and complained about the Savannah film commission for keeping a close watch on her previous film, CBGB.

Weekend B.O.: ‘The Other Woman’ Rules And Sets Up Nicely As Counterprogramming For ‘Spidey 2′ Onslaught
By Mike Fleming Jr
So now we have a good grasp of a weekend that resulted in nearly $100 million in box office, which is up around 19% from comparable weekend last year. It is still the calm before the storm, when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 takes the stage and better do three times what The Other Woman did, or else. (more…)

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