UPDATE: Intl Box Office: ‘Spider-Man 2’ Snares $67.2M; ‘Rio 2’ At $250M; ‘Captain America 2’ Crosses $400M; China’s ‘My Old Classmate’ Aces Test; ‘Other Woman’ Attracts $12.8M; ‘Spanish Affairs’ Still Hot In Spain; ‘Transcendence’ Adds $11M; More

Highlights: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (SONY) spins $67.2M in sophomore weekend; Rio 2 (FOX) wings way to $250M; Captain America: The Winter Soldier (DIS) adds $16M for $420.3M overseas haul; The Other Woman (FOX) has $20.63M cume; Noah (PAR) summons $11.1M; Transcendence (WB) takes $10.8M; Divergent (LGF/SUM/var) nearing $100M intl; The Lego Movie (WB) builds to $200M; Spanish Affairs (UNI) becomes highest-grossing Spanish film of all time at home with $61.4M…

4TH UPDATE, WEDNESDAY 9 AM PT While I was traveling back from the U.S., additional and updated numbers came in for the past weekend’s box office. Notably, we’ve been furnished with a breakdown of Transcendence‘s performance in its 2nd frame. In 39 ex-U.S. markets, the film added a further $11.02M for an overseas cume of $34.1M. The worldwide total is $52.08M. In China, it earned $2.8M from an estimated 2,640 screens this frame, a 75% drop from its first outing last week. There were major new local films in the market (see below), but last week’s start was lower than hoped for especially given Johnny Depp’s big China promotional tour. However, with $19.1M total in China, the market is still outperforming domestic and should end up its biggest territory. With stiff competition from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Other Woman and Rio 2, the film kicked off at No. 4 in the UK with $985K from 433 screens ($2.1M cume with previews). It was also No. 4 in Germany ($1.3M from 406) and No. 5 in Australia where the per-screen average was over $5,800 with $1.3M at 224 dates. Divergent, meanwhile, added $10.06M in 70 markets this weekend for an international cume of $94.7M, and a worldwide total of $234.2M. There were some smaller market openings in Latin America and some interesting news in holdovers. In France, the SND release advanced to the No. 4 postition in its 3rd week with $1.8M at 507 locations. The French cume is $9.2M, making the territory the film’s 2nd biggest foreign market. That’s followed by Australia with $8.3M and Mexico at $7.1M. Studio figures for other films have been updated throughout the below.

3RD UPDATE, SUNDAY, 3:43 PM PT: Despite the offshore sequel power demonstrated by The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Rio 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this weekend saw a 42% drop from last year’s similar frame across the Top 10 Hollywood titles. At the time, Iron Man 3 had blasted off in 45 markets with nearly $200M. Chinese drama So Young was also in the marketplace with a spectacular No. 2 debut on the international chart. With that in mind, it’s interesting that a year later there are two Marvel characters continuing in the global space this week, and a Chinese nostalgia-themed pic debuting in the Top Five. Plus ça change

In its second weekend, the Johnny Depp-starrer Transcendence grossed $11M in 39 markets, including a fourth-place start in the UK and a 75% drop in its second frame in China, where it opened big thanks in part to a massive marketing push that included Depp himself. The sci-fi pic’s total there is now $19.1M.

Across Rentrak’s Top 21 films this weekend overseas, there are five international titles, led by Chinese romance My Old Classmate. Directed by Frant Gwo, the film taps into similar sepia-hued territory as last year’s big spring hit So Young by actress-turned-director Vicki Zhao. My Old Classmate centers on a boy and girl who meet in middle school and then attend the same university, but go their separate ways until crossing paths at a friend’s wedding. The picture was No. 5 on the international chart this week with $16M in China, likely giving it the No. 1 slot for the frame there.

Meanwhile, Brick Mansions, the Luc Besson-produced crime drama that was late actor Paul Walker’s last film, has an international cume of $1.6M after debuting this weekend. However, that number is likely to be updated a fair bit given that Rentrak is reporting on five (unspecified) international territories, and the movie was due to open in about a dozen. It took $9.4M in the U.S.

Among other holdovers, Divergent grossed $10.1M from 70 overseas markets to grow its international total to $94.7M. It has Spain and Sweden openings this week and Japan in July.

While Spidey swings into the States on May 2, there are no major international launches next weekend. Expanding significantly are Divergent and The Other Woman. See below the original posts for territory round-ups.

2ND UPDATE, 11:25 AM PT: After bowing to $47M in 14 markets last weekend, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast its web in about 25 more this frame, and swung to an additional estimated $67.2M. The overseas cume for the Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone-starrer is $132M after two weeks. IMAX takings are particularly strong, bringing in $4M from 146 dates for a $35,000 per screen average. Spider-Man has traditionally been a big draw overseas, although the character’s films have yet to top the $1B worldwide mark as other Marvel titles have done. As my colleague Anita Busch reported last week, ASM2’s production budget is said to be around $255M, with about $180M to $190M spent on marketing. A crucial piece of Spidey’s web is international where the first ASM grossed about 65% of its $752.2M. So far, several of the territories where Marc Webb’s second spin has bowed are improvements on the 2012 installment, and there are stronger holds in many. The studio has yet to crunch all the numbers (we’ll get them tomorrow), but I hear the overall sense at Sony is positive.

Korea was the leader among new markets with a No. 1 opening of $13.4M. Despite the ongoing turmoil over the Sewol ferry disaster, that was about par with the first film. Korea was the 4th biggest market outside the U.S. for the 2012 Amazing Spider-Man. It ultimately played there to $35.8M. Behind Korea this weekend, the Sony Pictures Releasing International title was a No. 1 in Russia at $8.9M (+3% on Amazing Spider-Man), and in Italy with $6.5M (+20% on the previous film). There were other notable ASM2 No. 1s across several territories where the sequel has topped the first film including Taiwan ($4.1M, +45%), Venezuela ($1.5M, +64%), Argentina ($1.3M, +5%) and Turkey ($1M, +67%). Japan, a strong Spidey market, was a No. 3 bow with $5.2M – Frozen (see below) is still No. 1 there and local pic Thermae Romae II is expected to be No. 2.

In holdovers, ASM2 added $5.7M in the UK for No. 1 bragging rights and a cume of $27.8M. The UK was the 2nd best market for the first movie, behind China, grossing $40.3M. Mexico added $4.3M in its 2nd frame for a total of $19.5M and a 38% drop. Australia earned another $3.1M, a 27% drop, for a $10.7M total. In Germany, the film fell by 26% with a $2.7M take for a $10.8M cume.

Along with North America, ASM2 opens next weekend in about 30 international markets. Key among them are China, Brazil and France. Signs point to China as a strong candidate again for great performance. The first movie made $48.8M there in 2012 and China’s affinity for Marvel characters is not abating. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is currently doing gangbusters there with $107.6M to date. ASM2 bows in China on May 4, two days after the North American start.

Fox’s Rio 2 was a high flier yet again this weekend, swooping in on $27.5M at 13,385 screens in 68 markets. The international cume is now $250M. Unsurprisingly, the film is holding very well in Latin America where it’s still No. 1 in four local markets. It’s also now grossed $25.2M in Brazil where it’s No. 3 after 5 weeks. In France this week, Rio 2‘s box office saw a 19% uptick for a local cume of $15.46M.

Expanding to 31 markets, domestic No. 1 The Other Woman added $12.8M from 1,748 screens. In Australia it was especially dominant, increasing 11% over opening weekend for $4.14M and the No. 1 spot above The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In the UK, it opened at No. 2 behind ASM2 with $4.49M. The Cameron Diaz comedy now has a cume of $20.63M and is working as a counterprogramming title in a period rife with superheroes. Fox is adding 19 more markets next weekend including Germany, Mexico and Russia.

Emma-Watson-and-Douglas-Booth-in-Noah-2014-Movie-ImageParamount’s Noah had no new openings this weekend, but conjured an additional $11.1M, a 53% drop from the Easter weekend holiday period. It’s playing in 56 territories with Brazil leading the pack and adding $1.8M from 481 dates for a local cume of $27.2M, making it the top movie of 2014. France, Italy, the UK, Germany and Spain remained strong in holdovers for the Darren Aronofsky pic. The epic has found exceptional favor in Turkey where it now has a local cume of $5.3M and is the 2nd biggest foreign title of 2014 behind Frozen.

Market breakdowns will not be provided until tomorrow on Divergent and Transcendence. However, the Johnny Depp underperformer added $10.8M in its 2nd international frame across 37 markets, taking the overseas cume to $33.1M. In the U.S. this weekend, it added just $4M. Divergent added $9.7M in 74 territories for a cume of $93.2M.

Warner BrosThe Lego Movie grossed $5.5M on 2,645 screens in 29 markets for an international cume of $200M. The movie continues to click in Australia where it’s in the 4th frame and earned an estimated $2.5M this weekend in 382 locations. The local cume is $25.1M with Oz the No. 2 ex-U.S. market.

I’ll be back a bit later with a closer look at key territories.

1ST UPDATE, 8:55 AM PT: While we wait for news on the new bows this weekend, muscular holdover Captain America: The Winter Soldier continued its overseas campaign with an additional $16M from 55 markets. Its international cume is now $420.3M with a worldwide total of $645.2M. After five weeks in offshore release, the Anthony and Joe Russo-helmed sequel has bested the entire run of the first film in the series ($194M) by 117%. China remains the top territory for Cap with a cume there of $107.6M. That’s more than three times the next best score which comes from the UK ($30.2M).

Disney’s other major international player, Frozen, packed in a further $7.2M in its 23rd weekend of release overseas. Japan remains the top ex-U.S. market for the pic ($118.2M) where Disney says it maintained the No. 1 spot for the weekend, facing off with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and local sci-fi comedy Thermae Romae II. Last weekend, Frozen became the highest-grossing animated film of all time internationally. Its worldwide cume is $1,143.7M with $743.6M from overseas.

More to come…

PREVIOUS, 8:11 AM PT: The major titles adding overseas runs this weekend include Fox‘s domestic No. 1 The Other Woman and Sony‘s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which won’t swing into the States until May 2. Major holdovers include Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Rio 2, Noah and Divergent, while Transcendence added seven markets including the UK and Germany. In new bows, the widest launch is Brick Mansions, the last film to star Paul Walker, which opened in 12 markets. As we wait for those, and other, international weekend estimates, there’s some muy caliente news out of Spain for Universal‘s mega-hit Spanish Affairs (Ocho Apellidos Vascos). The movie was No. 1 for the 7th straight frame in Spain this weekend, adding $4.6M at 351 dates. With a 45-day cume of 44.5M euros ($61.4M), it is now the highest-grossing Spanish film of all time. On Saturday, it passed the lifetime gross of Juan-Antonio Bayona’s English-language local pic, The Impossible (42.4M euros), and today will leapfrog over Titanic‘s lifetime haul of 43.7M euros. It is now the No. 2 movie of all time in Spain, behind Avatar and its 77M euros. The Emilio Martinez Lazaro-directed culture-clash comedy was made for about 3M euros and has consistently outperformed Hollywood fare since debuting on March 14 — including The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which bowed in Spain last weekend. This weekend, Spanish Affairs had 44% of the market share and, according to the studio, was four times bigger than the No. 2 film, Pompeii. In other milestones, it now holds the record for the most consecutive weeks at No. 1 for a Spanish film and is Universal’s top-grossing movie ever in the territory. If it holds for another two weeks, it will join Avatar and Titanic as overall record holders for most weeks at No. 1. Divergent and Universal comedy Neighbors are the two major local openings ahead, while Godzilla storms in on May 15.

Territory Round-Ups

Captain America: The Winter Soldier crossed the $100M mark ahead of the weekend and now has a local total of $107.6M. It’s the 2nd highest-grossing Disney film ever in the territory, behind last year’s Iron Man 3. Chinese romance My Old Classmate grossed $16M in its bow this weekend, according to Rentrak. It follows in the footsteps of last year’s spring hit So Young which debuted at $23M in the same frame. Donnie Yen-starrer Iceman 3D grossed $11M in four markets this weekend for a $13M cume, but the China numbers are not yet specifically available. The expensive action comedy is a loose remake of Yuen Biao’s 1989 film The Iceman Cometh and follows two Ming Dynasty guards who time travel to modern day Hong Kong. Yen is playing Silent Wolf in the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that’s shooting in New Zealand. Rio 2, in its 3rd frame, added $3.59M for a local haul of just over $29M. It was No. 3 in the market. ASM2 swings in on May 4.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 launched with $5.2M for No. 3 behind Frozen and local sci-fi comedy Thermae Romae II. In 2012, the first ASM made $38.9M in Japan which was the 3rd biggest market for the film. Frozen now has a gross of $118.2M in Japan and is the highest grossing Disney/Pixar animated release of all time there, exceeding Finding Nemo. It has also become the highest grossing Western animation release ever in Japan and is the No. 16 release in history. Time-travel pic Thermae Romae II is the sequel to Hideki Takeuchi’s 2012 original which was the No. 2 grosser in the territory that year with $74M. April 29 marks the official start of the Golden Week period which encompasses several public holidays, and box office is expected to benefit.

ASM2 held the top spot in the UK for the 2nd week in a row with another $5.7M and a local cume of $27.8M. The first film earned $40.3M there, its 2nd best market after China. In the No. 2 spot, Cameron Diaz comedy The Other Woman strutted in with $4.49M. Also notably opening was Transcendence, for which numbers are as-yet unavailable. Rio 2 is nearing $20M in the UK with an extra $1.53M in its 4th frame. Noah added $963K from 412 locations and a local cume of $15.2M.

As noted above, Universal has a big hit on its manos with Spanish Affairs. The comedy is now the biggest Spanish film of all time and the No. 2 highest-grosser ever in the market behind Avatar. It added an estimated $4.7M this weekend after earning $5.8M last weekend, but maintained 44% of the market – the same share it had last week when Amazing Spider Man 2 bowed in 2nd place. Universal has another local pic in the mix now with La Vida Inesperada (Life Unexpected). The comedy set in New York City is directed by Jorge Torregrossa and features American actress Tammy Blanchard. It bowed at No. 5 with $543K at 197 dates. This was the 2nd best opening for a Spanish film this year behind Spanish Affairs. Noah, in its 4th frame was just ahead of that at $575K from 304 dates. Its cume in Spain is $8.7M. Rio 2, also in its 4th frame, flew away with $897K at 445 dates.

Comedy Qu’est-ce Qu’on A Fait Au Bon Dieu?! has cleared an estimated $23.5M as of this weekend. The movie opened on April 16 and led the box office when it debuted to nearly 1.7M admissions. UGC is releasing the story of Catholic parents whose lives turn upside down when each of their four daughters marries a man from a different religion and ethnic background. Philippe de Chauveron (L’Amour Aux Trousses with Jean Dujardin) directs with Les Visiteurs star Christian Clavier as the father. Also out locally is another comedy, Babysitting, which was No. 3 for the weekend with $2.9Mat 363 dates. Universal is releasing the film that has a 12-day total of $7.62M. Sandwiched in between is Rio 2 which earned $4.2M as school holidays drew to a close. The take was 19% above the previous week with a local cume now at $15.46M. Noah took $1.5M from 443 locations in its 3rd frame for $9.8M to date. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 lands in France on Wednesday.

The ladies of The Other Woman trumped The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the No. 1 spot in Oz this weekend. Notably, this was the comedy’s 2nd frame there where it increased 11% and grossed $4.1M for a $10.5M cume. Spidey earned another $3.1M for a local cume of $10.7M. Australia was worth $17.7M to the first ASM. Other strong perfs in Oz included holdovers of The Lego Movie with $2.5M in its 4th frame and a $25.1M cume; The Grand Budapest Hotel, up 3% for an additional $1.53M and $6.44M to date; and Mr Peabody & Sherman which dropped by 5% to $881K and an $11.4M cume after five weekends. The international total is $154M.

Ride Along from Universal opened in Germany this weekend at No. 5 with $1M at 311 dates. The international cume is now $17.1M. Amazing Spider-Man 2 grossed an estimated $2.7M for a local cume of $10.8M after two weeks. Noah added $891K from 463 dates in its 4th frame for a to-date total of $10.7M. Rio 2, also in its 4th weekend, added $1.4M for a $12.36M cume. The Lego Movie took an extra $1.4M on 1,030 screens for a $9.4M cume after three weekends.

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