Premiere Date For Damon Lindelof’s HBO Series ‘The Leftovers’ Pushed By 2 Weeks

With Damon Lindelof‘s upcoming 10-episode HBO series The Leftovers still on hiatus, its premiere date has been pushed from June 15 to June 29. The high-concept drama, Lindelof’s follow-up series to Lost, shut down two weeks ago after wrapping Episode 6 for what HBO described at the time as “a short hiatus to prep our final episodes.” There is no date set yet for resuming production, leading to today’s announcement. “Our production schedule shifted and subsequently that necessitated a change in our debut date,” HBO said. On June 15, the premiere of The Leftovers was going to follow the sure-to-be-huge season finale of Game Of Thrones. Such a great launching platform is hard to let go to waste, so HBO brass could slate a preview of The Leftovers’ pilot episode or the final season debut of True Blood behind it.

Co-written by Lindelof and Tom Perrotta based on Perrotta’s book and toplined by Justin Theroux, The Leftovers takes place after the Rapture happens, but not quite like it’s supposed to. It’s the story of the people who didn’t make the cut — and a world that never will be the same. Here the first teaser for the show:

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