Indie Bigwig Cassian Elwes Slams Studios & Agencies Over “Rubbish” Tentpole System

Producer and Elevated Film Sales CEO Cassian Elwes used his keynote address at the Independent Film & Television Alliance Production Conference today to rip studios for ignoring movie audiences’ demands for smart, theatrical fare in exchange for comic-book franchises, and warned that the current flood of franchise movies threatens smart filmmaking, particularly for the younger generation. “Studios don’t want to make a movie for $10 million and see it fail, rather they’re looking to make films that generate $100 million-$200 million profit,” he said. “This has made the agencies complicit in this business.” The result, he says: Studios have dwindled their picture pipelines and stars’ salaries have eroded. “Twenty years from now, I’m convinced we’ll be seeing Fast & Furious 37 and these characters will have an advantage because they’ll be able to park in the handicapped zones,” Elwes quipped to the crowd. (more…)

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