UPDATE: LA Film Critics Oust Len Klady Over Fiscal Lawsuit Brouhaha After Critic Paid Out Of Pocket To Settle

UPDATE, 11:30 AM: Former LA Film Critics Association member Len Klady says he was blindsided by his expulsion from the group after he and the org’s leaders reached a mutual settlement agreement over the sponsorship snafu. He personally matched LAFCA’s $1K payout to sponsorship consultant Sheri Wish, thinking that would put the matter to rest. “It was a misunderstanding as a result of a contract for service,” Klady told me. “When the service was not provided, rather than drag it through the court system we settled it. I offered to settle the entire thing myself and I was told they didn’t want to do that. I paid $1K and the organization paid $1K.” Klady says he was never made aware of the closed-door meeting where the vote over his expulsion was held, nor given a chance to defend his membership.

PREVIOUS EXCLUSIVE, WEDNESDAY 5:55 PM: The LA Film Critics Association today made the booting of member Len Klady official after months of behind-the-scenes deliberations over a major financial snafu attributed to the author and film critic. Klady, a longtime member of the LA critics group, was expelled over an unauthorized agreement he’d made on behalf of LAFCA to third-party consultant Sheri Wish, who was contracted for $3,000 to bring in sponsorships for LAFCA’s annual awards dinner last January. Wish failed to deliver any sponsorships at all. Worse, LAFCA President Stephen Farber and other executive members had no prior knowledge of Wish’s contract or that Klady had tapped her to bring in sponsorships. When she invoiced, Farber refused to pay the $3,000, and Wish hit back with a small claims lawsuit against the org for the sum. (more…)

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