This Is Why Warner Bros Can't Do Comedy

Who cares if Warner Bros just signed a 3-year/first-look deal with Steve Carell? Because everyone in Hollywood knows that Jeff Robinov and Alan Horn have no sense of humor. So they’ll waste him in unoriginal mainstream crap. (Don’t expect anything similar to The 40 Year Old Virgin. Horn is such a PC dipstick that he won’t allow the studio to make low cost/big box office Judd Apatow-type laughers rated R.) And Russell Crowe confirmed this during last night’s appearance on Letterman. The actor explained that his soon-to-be-released film Body Of Lies contained “my favorite line I ever delivered in a movie. But it’s not in the film. They took it out. I think that Warner Bros executives had an attack of taste.”

It occurred during a scene in which Crowe had to ad-lib a conversation with Leonardo DiCaprio about seeing a pic on an airplane flight. But after one take, producer Donald DeLine “ran over and said, ‘You can’t say that movie you just mentioned. Because it’s not a Warner Bros movie. And he gave me a list. And he said, ‘While you’re ad-libbing, ad-lib from this list of Warner Bros films.’ ”

So Crowe looked at the titles, and decided to mention a film to which he and DiCaprio had a career connection but also just happened to be one of Robinov’s and Horn’s biggest bombs of recent years. “I swear to God, I didn’t know where this came from,” Crowe told Letterman, “but I’m standing there, and Leonardo says, ‘How was your flight?’ and I said, ‘I watched that Poseidon.’ And he said ‘How was it?’ And I said, ‘It was like watching a Greek girl get a bikini wax. I had no idea when it was going to end.’ ”

The un-PC line got a big laugh from The Late Show studio audience. But “that didn’t make the taste level of Warner Bros movies,” Crowe complained. To which Letterman responded, “I don’t know, but that seems to say everything you need to know about watching the Poseidon, doesn’t it?”

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