TLC To Try Out New ‘OMG EMT!’ Series About Emergency Medical Responders

TLC, the network that brought us obsessive coverage of families with armies of children, obsessive coverage of little people, and obsessive coverage of people with obsessions,  now appears to be going off the deep end with programs about emergency medical responders. The network that recently ordered 35 MORE episodes of Sex Sent Me To The ER today announced a series that explores the fast-paced lives of emergency medical techs, called OMG EMT! The four-episode series try-out launches Saturday, May 3 at 10 PM ET. TLC’s announcement promises the new series will feature some of the “most memorable and unusual emergency calls…from the ridiculous to the downright crazy.” The premiere episode, for example, will feature an elderly woman with a prizefighter’s temperament and a dog with a taste for rescue team members, and the inevitable incredibly stupid college guys doing, yes, something incredibly stupid and involving a stairway. Future episodes involve a man with chest pains and a love triangle, a baby delivery on the spot, a man who rises from the dead, etc. OMG EMT! is produced by Fly on the Wall Entertainment for TLC.

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