Malta Increases Film & TV Tax Rebates To Boost Location Destination Status

mfc_logoMalta has stood in for European and Middle Eastern countries in a plethora of films in its long history as a shooting destination. The Maltese government is looking to keep the momentum going, announcing today that it has substantially raised its tax rebates. The credit has been boosted to 25%, plus an extra 2% if Maltese cultural elements feature. The new incentive scheme, which is pending State Aid approval, has also been broadened to include international TV series, miniseries and animation. To access the rebates, productions must pass a cultural test that takes into account the use of local or European talent, storyline, settings, and other criteria. The cashback system is available for above- and below-the-line spend and is capped at 50% of the production budget. Post-production also can be claimed with a cap of 150,000 euros. European and other offshore countries have increasingly upped their incentives to attract foreign productions; most notably the UK which is now so attractive it’s having to turn shows away. Films have been shot in Malta dating back as far as 1925. More recently, it’s been host to 2000’s Gladiator, 2005’s Munich, 2012’s Kon-Tiki, and 2013’s World War Z and Captain Phillips. And, the Popeye village, famously built for Robert Altman’s 1980, film is still on offer as a set.

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