UPDATE: Intl Box Office: ‘Rio 2’ Soars With $63.4M; ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Blasts Past $300M Overseas; ‘Noah’ Adds $36.2M; ‘Divergent’ Nearing $50M

Highlights: Rio 2 (FOX) has $63.4M weekend, lands $12.6M in China debut; Captain America: The Winter Soldier (DIS) crosses $300M international; Noah (PAR) adds $36.2M; Divergent (LGF/SUM/var) nears $50M; Spanish Affairs (UNI) has 5th No. 1 weekend in Spain…

4th UPDATE, 7:15 PM, PST: The final Divergent  numbers are in, with the film nearing $50M but not yet crossing it; it stands at $48.1M. The film is based on the YA novel of the same name (part of a trilogy) and Lionsgate is hoping it will become another big franchise. This is the same company that launched the wildly successful Hunger Games series. Divergent is at $124.7M in the U.S. after the 3-day weekend for a worldwide gross of $172.8M+.

3rd UPDATE, Monday, 1:52 PM, PST:  New grosses are in for Rio 2, The Grand Budapest Hotel, 300: Rise Of An Empire, The Lego Movie, Spanish Affairs and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Rio 2 did better than previously expected internationally over the weekend, with a total tally of $63.4M to date; the worldwide cume on the animated family picture is over $100M.

2ND UPDATE, MONDAY 12:45 AM PT: Last weekend, Captain America: The Winter Soldier led the international proceedings by adding a massive $107.1M, which helped push the box office up 34% over the comparable frame in 2013. This weekend saw an even bigger jump over last year with takings across the top titles up 41%, led by Rio 2 and its $63.4M haul. Last year, the big movies in the international marketplace included Tom Cruise starrer Oblivion, which bowed in 52 markets and grossed $60.4M, followed by holdovers The Croods, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, China’s Finding Mr Right and A Wedding Invitation. Next weekend sees two major careers begin. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 weaves its way into 15 markets including the UK, Germany, Spain, Australia and Mexico. Stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have been on an international tour with the film and recently visited Disneyland Paris, where Spider-Man will be introduced for the first time as a character, ahead of the film’s French bow on April 30. They also notably visited China, where the movie is expected in early May, just after the U.S. kickoff. China was the biggest non-U.S. for the original reboot in 2012, followed by the UK, Japan, Korea and Brazil. Johnny Depp starrer Transcendence is hitting China next weekend in a day-and-date release with the U.S. Depp made a high-profile visit to the market earlier this month in an effort to boost the movie’s prospects. Wally Pfister’s directorial debut also bows in about 14 other overseas markets including Italy, India, Singapore and Thailand. Asia, which is big on sci-fi, is seen as an important arena for the pic. It will roll out elsewhere over the next two months, with Japan coming on June 28.

1ST UPDATE, SUNDAY, 2:22 PM PT: Key territory breakdowns have been added below the original post.

PREVIOUS, 12 PM PT: Compared with the domestic box office, roles are reversed this weekend overseas, where Rio 2 was the dominant player (see Anita Busch’s domestic box office report for word on Captain America: The Winter Soldier clipping Rio‘s wings Stateside). Fox’s animated pic from Carlos Saldanha spread its wings further this frame with new landings in 54 international markets. All told, it added $63.4M on 20,008 screens in 65 markets with No. 1s confirmed in 41 of those, according to Fox. The bird tale notably few in to China with a $12.6M debut from 5,850 screens; 150% bigger than the first Rio. However, The Winter Soldier remains No. 1 in its massive China run. Strong No. 1s for Rio 2 came in Mexico with $8.67M on 2,390 screens for Fox’s 3rd-best animated bow ever; France with $4.6M on 1,257 screens (though it’s in a tight race there with Noah; see below); and Argentina with $2.03M at 280 dates for the biggest industry opening of 2014. Fox is bullish on Rio 2 with school holidays in several markets, and no new big-ticket animated bows until DreamWorks’ How To Train Your Dragon 2 in June. Openings next weekend include Italy. The international cume is now $125.2M.

Disney’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier has now pitched its tent in all international territories, save Japan which opens on April 19. After adding a massive $107.1M last weekend overseas, Cap grabbed another $60.6M this weekend for a powerful $317.7M international take after three weekends. That means The Winter Soldier has taken more than 66% of its $476.7M GBO across the 54 markets where it’s playing outside America. It has bested the international careers of the first Captain America ($194M), Thor ($268M) and Iron Man 2 ($312M). China remains the top territory by far with a cume there of $80.4M, basically doubling its first weekend haul of $39.2M. The movie is the No. 3 Disney release of all time there, after Iron Man 3 and The Avengers. The most significant bow this weekend was Brazil where Cap earned $6.9M and a No. 1 spot. Other big markets for The Winter Soldier include Korea ($25M), the UK ($24.4M), Mexico ($20.4M) and France ($14.4M).

Noah floated to an extra $36.2M this weekend at 7,565 locations in 53 markets. The overseas haul is now $162M. Darren Aronofsky’s Russell Crowe-starrer added eight markets this frame including France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Thailand for $11M. In France, there’s a tussle for bragging rights in the No. 1 spot. Paramount expects Noah to be tops with $3.9M (3.1M euros) at 568 dates. But, Fox says Rio 2 opened to $4.6M (3.3M euros) on 1,257 screens. Something seems a bit off here because the local service that is the industry standard in France is reporting Rio 2 played on 657 screens this week; I’m working to get to the bottom of this. It also had Rio 2 far outperforming Noah on opening day with 173,654 admissions for the animated film and 94,005 for the biblical epic (movies open on a Wednesday in France when most schoolkids have a half day). I’m being told that it will be tight – Rio looks to have the advantage by admissions and Noah by coin. Italy, Thailand and the Netherlands were No. 1s for Noah, as was Turkey with $1M at 240 dates in its holdover for a local cume of $3.6M in two sessions.

Divergent opened in a number of overseas territories this weekend and added $22.1M for an international total of $48.1M. At 6,180 dates in 61 markets, its top grossing international territories are the UK ($6.8M), Mexico ($4.7M), France ($3.4M), Russia ($3.1M) and Australia ($3.1M). In Russia, it had a No. 1 bow which was 243% bigger than the original Twilight. However, $3.1M is towards the lower end of the spectrum for Hollywood movies opening in the hot, fast-burn territory these days. Captain America: The Winter Soldier took $7.4M last weekend, which was also lower than recent No. 1s there. That film had its title tweaked to The First Avenger: Another War, but one has to wonder if some of what The New York Times today calls a “xenophobic chill” is spilling over to the multiplex. Upcoming Divergent territories include Korea and Brazil next weekend; Spain and Sweden on April 30 and Japan on July 5.

Warner BrosThe Lego Movie continues building its overseas cume with an additional $9.8M this weekend on over 3,100 screens. The total international tally now stands at $173.7M. Lego clicked in Germany with a No. 1 bow – ahead of newcomer Divergent and holdovers Rio 2 and Noah. It grossed an estimated $3.1M on 945 screens in Germany. Australia was also a very strong hold with an estimated $4.8M on 516 screens. It was No. 1 and more than 40% higher than Captain America 2, and 61% above Divergent. Oz is the second biggest ex-U.S. market for Lego with $13.1M. The UK leads overseas at $53.7M.

frozen1Frozen, meanwhile, has glided up a notch on the all-time box office chart, now standing at No. 8 with $1,113M. Disney is confident Frozen will soon pass Ice Age 4 to become the highest grossing international animated release of all time. It added $8M this weekend, its 21st – essentially on par with its performance last frame. In Japan, which is now Frozen‘s biggest international market, it’s grossed $89M to date.

The Grand Budapest Hotel rang up a further $7.43M in 37 markets this frame including $1.8M in Australia for Wes Anderson’s best opening ever Down Under. Italy was also a top debut for an Anderson film with $1M on 186 screens and good for a No. 2 slot. The international total is $64.5M. Also from Fox in Australia, Mr Peabody & Sherman rose in its 3rd weekend (school holidays are on in Victoria and Queensland) to $1.34M on 389 screens. The international cume is now $143.7M.

Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted added the crowded Australia and New Zealand markets this weekend where school holidays continue. It’s got a $14.8M international cume, taking $2.2M in 10 markets this frame. The UK remains the top ex-U.S. market with $8.8M. The Muppets will take Spain, Germany and Brazil in coming weeks.

Universal’s local romcom Spanish Affairs (Ochos Apellidos Vascos) is still muy caliente at home with a 5th consecutive No. 1. The culture clash comedy has fought off all comers in the market where it has a 49% share. The take this weekend is estimated at $5.7M for a 31-day total of $42.5M. The film’s upward trajectory has seen it gross 42% more this weekend than on its March 14 opening. It’s the highest-grossing Spanish language film of all time and Universal’s biggest movie ever in the market. Across the board, it is now the 6th biggest movie ever in Spain behind Avatar, The Impossible (a Spanish movie made in English), Titanic, Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King and Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier doubled its initial take this weekend with a local cume now at $80.4M. That makes it the No. 3 Disney release of all time, after Iron Man 3 and The Avengers. It also points to how important marketing directly for China can be. Stars Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson recently toured Beijing in support of the film. It will be interesting to see how Johnny Depp’s recent promotional push in China pays off for Transcendence next week. It opens on April 18, day-and-date with the U.S. and follows live local events that saw Depp share the stage with Asian stars while helping to better inform the Chinese public about the film. Rio 2 was the Hollywood opener this weekend with $12.6M for the 2nd place berth behind Winter Soldier. Hong Kong comedy Delete Lover also opened in China this weekend, taking about $2M. And, local urban comedy Zheng Rong Ri Ji is continuing its career with an extra $1.6M for a cume of $11.5M. Last week, the China Film Bureau released official Q1 figures for China with box office at $1.09B, a 29.3% jump over last year. Domestic titles had 62.5% of the market led by hits The Monkey King, From Vegas To Macau, Ex-Files and reality TV-to-move transfer, Where Are We Going, Dad? At the top of the charts for Hollywood were The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug at $74.6M, Need For Speed with $60.4M, Despicable Me 2 with $52M, Robocop at $50.7M and Frozen at $48.1M (The Winter Soldier was released in Q2). According to FilBizAsia, box office is expected to continue to rise with the screen count across China now over 20,000. Whereas we’ve often said 10 screens are going up per day, it’s now closer to 18. Among Hollywood movies yet to come are Transcendence, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier has held the top spot for three consecutive weekends (same goes for Singapore and Taiwan). The cume in Korea is $25.1M giving the movie its 2nd best ex-U.S. outing. Figures compiled through March 30, 2014 show Cap at No. 10. Frozen is the biggest earner followed by local pics Miss Granny, a comedy about a grandmother who transforms into her 20-year-old self; and lawyer-gets-a-conscience drama The Attorney. Rounding out the Top 10 — with an equal split between local movies versus Hollywood — are Non-Stop, Korean gangster/romance Man In Love, local action pic The Suspect, Noah, 1980s-set comedy Hot Young Bloods and 300: Rise Of An Empire (which, after this weekend, has a total worldwide cume of $223M).

Japan surged to become the 2nd biggest territory worldwide for Frozen this weekend with $89M thus far. It dropped 3% in its 5th weekend and has held the No. 1 spot in the territory since its release in March. Another movie doing brisk business in Japan on a different scale is The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty which is in its 4th frame. It’s got a cume of $8.6M after adding $445,882 this weekend for a 32% drop.

Known locally as The First Avenger: Another War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier added about $5M this week for a local cume of $12.4M. Divergent opened at No. 1 this weekend with $3.1M on 896 screens, which Lionsgate notes is a 229% increase over the opening of Twlight at $941K. Noah, in its 3rd frame, was down 65% with $2.3M at 819 locations. The cume there is now $31.2M, a strong showing for the biblical epic. Rio 2 added $1.2M in its 4th frame for a local tally of $25.9M. As I noted above, however, some numbers in Russia are a bit lower than previous weekends. The market is crowded with holdovers and new openers Oculus, 3 Days To Kill and local treasure hunt title Avantyuristy (The Adventurers), which was No. 4.

Noah ranked No. 1 in its Italian debut. The biblical epic has been making headlines locally, and saw its profile lifted even higher when Aronofsky, Crowe and Paramount’s Rob Moore met Pope Francis after the trio was hosted in the official VIP section of the Udienza on March 19. Noah grossed $3.7M from 400 locations in Italy this weekend as the highest of Catholic holidays approaches next weekend. The Grand Budapest Hotel also checked into Italy with $1M at 186 dates. It was No. 2 behind Noah and, as with most other European territories, gave director Wes Anderson his best-ever opening in the market.

Rio 2 dropped 25% in its second outing in the UK, earning $2.5M from 1,100 dates. Divergent held over at $1.7M in its 2nd weekend for a cume of $6.7M after 10 days. Noah took $2.9M in its 2nd frame at 478 sites. The local haul is $10M. Also opening this weekend in the UK was another pic with religious overtones, John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary with Brendan Gleeson. Supernatural thriller The Quiet Ones, from Hammer and Exclusive Media with Sam Claflin and former Mad Men star Jared Harris, also bowed. Numbers are to come.

The Lego Movie had a No. 1 opening in Germany with $3.1M on 945 screens, including sneaks. Noah had the 2nd slot with $2.1M from 520 screens for a local haul of $6.1M so far. Rio 2, in its sophomore outing, took $1.9M for the No. 3 slot. Divergent was up next with $1.8M in its debut on 517 screens. Also moving into Germany this week was French hit Supercondriaque (which has over 5M admissions at home). Director Dany Boon’s Welcome To The Sticks was a big hit in Germany in 2008, earning over $17M.

Noah reigned among Hollywood pics in Spain this weekend, its 2nd outing. It grossed $1.6M from 334 locations for a local cume of $5.5M. Universal’s Spanish Affairs continues to dominate the market with a 5th consecutive No. 1. The culture clash comedy took an estimated at $5.7M this frame for a 31-day total of $42.5M.

The Winter Soldier was the big new entrant with $6.9M at No. 1. The opening was the 4th best April debut ever, behind The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and the first Rio. Rio 2 is in its 3rd frame in Brazil where the cume is $19.5M after adding $2.8M this weekend at 914 dates. It was No. 3 in the market. Rio 2 also opened in Colombia ($1.9M from 410 runs); Argentina ($2M from 289), Peru ($1.3M from 238), Central America ($1.36M from 212) and Chile ($1.3M from 145). Noah’s 2nd weekend in Brazil was good for $5.1M from 490 cinemas and a local cume of $17.6M.

With general elections beginning last week, India’s box office has been affected to a degree. Still, Rio 2 found clear skies for the 2nd biggest animated opening ever behind Ice Age 4 with $933,362 at 470 dates. It debuted at 112% higher than the first Rio and was the No. 1 Hollywood title in the strongly local market. Divergent also went out in India, via Universal, on a limited play worth an estimated $149K at 106 dates for a No. 3 slot. Also opening this weekend was a new film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Bhoothnath Returns, which local reports say got off to a sluggish start but then picked up momentum, and Punjabi title Disco Singh. The top movie in the market right now is the David Dhawan-directed romantic action-comedy Main Tera Hero.

The Lego Movie dropped by a scant 13% for an estimated $4.8M on 516 screens and a No. 1 slot. Its total in Oz is $13.1M, the second-best ex-U.S. performance next to the UK. Divergent was a new entry with $3.1M from 239 screens, making it the film’s 5th best market, and grabbing the No. 3 berth. Captain America soldiered on with the local cume now at $11.4M, making it the film’s 7th best territory. It was No. 2 for the weekend. The Grand Budapest Hotel for No. 4 with $1.7M in its debut weekend on 108 runs.

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