‘Sharknado 2’ Producers Are Willing To Add An Extra Scene — If Fans Cough Up $50,000

It seems everyone has an opinion on Sharknado — even if they never saw it. Maybe especially if they never saw it. Those who are obsessed or distressed over the hit Syfy telefilm now can vent their glee or anger by pitching in (or not) to pay for an extra scene in the upcoming sequel. The Asylum, which produced the 2013 original and is working on Sharknado 2: The Second One, has come up with a plan to use Indiegogo to raise $50,000 to create another scene for the new pic, which is due to air in July. Those who contribute to the campaign, which runs through May 30, will get some Sharknado 2 swag and an exclusive window on production, from behind-the-scenes footage to breaking news and advance DVD copies. Naturally, the more they plunk down, the better the booty: People who pony up for the “Platinum Rewards Level” get a paid trip to the premiere party, plus an associate producer credit. (Don’t forget to tell IMDb.) No details on what will happen in the new scene, if indeed it gets funded. Your guesses are welcome. Hey, maybe a sharknado will touch down in on a joint session of Congress! Or a Real Housewives convention! While we wait, here’s a reminder of how Round 1 of Humans vs. Sharknado went: (more…)

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