Zero-Point-Zero: Baseball’s Worst Team Gets TV’s Worst Rating — Again

Major League Baseball‘s 2014 season isn’t even 10 games old, which means every team is still in contention. Even the Houston Astros, whose fans have suffered with the league’s worst record each of the past three years. The team is mired in last place again — natch — but even more disheartening is Astrosthe 0.0 Nielsen rating it posted for Monday’s game. That’s right, a Blutarsky: zero-point-zero. One could safely assume this is a new low for the Astros, except that it isn’t. The team also scored a 0.0 back in September. But that was as it was circling the drain of another tragic season and nearly a quarter of the city’s TV audience was watching the Houston Texans play the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. There was no such competition Monday night as the Astros were being routed by the Angels. Yes, a Nielsen rating can be deceiving. The channel airing the game, CSN Houston, only reaches about 1 in 11 Houston-area TV households; no satellite carrier or U-verse. But really, if the hometown team pulls a double donut in its seventh game of a fresh season, it doesn’t bode well for when the Astros are eliminated from the playoffs by midsummer or so.

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