TV Land To Remake ‘Candid Camera’ With Peter Funt & Electus

Classic hidden camera reality series Candid Camera is returning to television with a new incarnation at TV Land from the series’ long-time host, Peter Funt, son of creator and original host Allen Funt, and Electus‘ Ben Silverman. The cable network has ordered 10 episodes to air this summer. “The show is full of joyful laughter that catches you off guard and leaves you in high spirits — exactly the outlook that our brand embodies,” TV Land president Larry W. Jones said.

With its signature catch phrase, “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!”, Candid Camera introduced the hidden camera concept to television in 1948, and the series continued in several iterations over the course of more than 50 years. Silverman, a fan of the original show, tracked down the format to WME and partnered with Funt to develop a new version. The project landed at TV Land, which had been looking for comedic reality ideas. Being on TV Land, a network celebrating classic television, Candid Camera will likely feature classic clips from the past decades. But the show will mainly be “about delivering a fresh show for today’s audiences with great bits,” Silverman said. There have been a lot of hidden camera shows since Candid Camera. “Most of those derivative series were mean and had more of a ‘gotcha’ vibe,” Silverman said, noting that the new Candid Camera will stay true to its roots with “more comedic observations, more thoughtfulness.”

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