New Wave Of Nielsen Biz Media Layoffs?

I and other journalism outlets have been hearing about a new wave of staff layoffs coming as Nielsen Business Media, which owns The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard,  plans a company-wide editorial restructuring. I can’t imagine how THR can slim down more without withering away to nothing: the place right now is anorexic. Today, FOLIO, which monitors the magazine industry, reports that Nielsen “is exploring a reorganization of content strategy across its brands company-wide, which could result with a considerable consolidation of editorial staffs. ‘We are exploring ideas for a new content strategy across all of Nielsen Business Media’s 40 brands that could include the creation of a content center across the organization,’ a spokesperson wrote in an e-mail to FOLIO. “Our objective is to provide opportunities for investment in our editorial capabilities, including investing in new tools and technology that will make us stronger, faster and more nimble in producing content across our brands.” Nielsen has been undergoing a major 4,000-person staff reduction since December 2006.

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