MIPTV: Israeli Format ‘The Extra Mile’ Challenges Divorced Couples To Work Together, For The Kids (Video)

Ami Glam, the former Keshet Channel 2 Head of Entertainment and Reality, is in town here at Mip with his new format, The Extra Mile. The 24-episode series, which debuts on Israel’s Channel 10 in early May, brings together 10 acrimoniously divorced couples who must work together when faced with challenges in order to win a big cash prize. But there’s a twist: they’re not in it for themselves, the money is to be put aside in a trust fund for their kids. Glam calls the show “very intense,” but adds that the couples will learn new things about themselves through the process. “With divorce, you only see the negative side, we’re looking for the positive and great moments.” Glam and his wife Ilan Glam’s Studio Glam produces the series which faced its own challenge during shooting. Filming on an island in the Philippines, the production had to be evacuated for a week when Typhoon Yolanda hit late last year. Nevertheless, Glam is bullish on the outcome with several options already in hand. Here’s the original trailer, with subtitles:

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