MIPTV: ‘Bosch’s Michael Connelly On Shooting In LA, Feeling At Home At Amazon

The team behind Amazon Studios‘ series Bosch was in town on Monday, talking up the adaptation of Michael Connelly’s bestselling books. Connelly was flanked by Titus Welliver who plays the iconic antihero Harry Bosch, as well as producer Henrik Bastin of Fabrik Entertainment, and Jan Frouman and Irina Ignatiew of Fabrik owner Red Arrow. Amazon first ordered a pilot to be written by Connelly in June 2013, and the series was picked up last month. The books revolve around the eponymous veteran boschLAPD homicide detective. Connelly said the stories will be culled from three books with a mixture of new material that will be “true to the city of Los Angeles and the character of Harry Bosch.” The 10-episode series is set in contemporary LA and is all shot there, which was very important to Connelly when he agreed to the adaptation. He said his thinking was, “I’m not going to make a deal with anyone who doesn’t agree to make every shot in Los Angeles.” And the city was accomodating, “The real LAPD let us shoot in the real detective bureau,” the first time, he said, that’s been done.

Welliver said the character in the series is very true to the books. “He doesn’t say much, the silences and moments of solitude in the pilot are some of the more interesting moments in that depiction of the character… The audience gets to experience him as they do when they read the novels; it’s kind of a voyeuristic experience they have with Harry.” The group also talked about working with Amazon, which uses viewer feedback to help determine which pilots go to series. It was “kind of a perfect spot to go with Amazon,” Connelly said. “For every 10 books I sell in the world, Amazon sells six of them… it’s pretty awesome if my TV show is available where my books are sold.” Bastin added that people can be “spooked” by the idea of a pilot at Amazon, but he preferred to “take a chance with Amazon’s audience… Otherwise, you send a pilot to a network and five weeks later you get an answer and you never know what happened in between. This way, we can track the numbers. If I had the choice on any shows, I would take that process over any one any day of the week.”

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